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Mayo Corrochano, C.
El Cemento Natural en el Madrid de los Siglos XIX y XX. Identificación de sus Aplicaciones, Estado de Conservación y Compatibilitad con los Cementos Actuales (Natural cement in Madrid in the 19th and 20th centuries. Identification of its application, the state of preservation and the compatibility with recent cements). - Doctoral Thesis Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 624 p, 2015 (in Spanish, with extended abstract in English)
Pinter, F., Vidovszky, I., Weber, J., Bayer, K.:
Mineralogical and microstructural characteristics of historic Roman cement renders from Budapest, Hungary, - Journal of Cultural Heritage, Vol 15, Issue 3, May–June 2014, p. 219-226 (2014)
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Romanzement - Das wiederentdeckte Bindeglied zwischen hydraulischem Kalk und Portlandzement, - Restauro, 4/2013, p. 24-33, 2013
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Determination and imaging of binder remnants and aggregates in historic cement stone by Raman microscopy, - J. Raman Spectrosc., Vol. 44, Issue 6, p. 882–891, 2013.
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Roman Cement: Advisory Notes / Romanzement: Leitfaden / Cement romański: Broszura Informacyjna / Románský Cement: Informační souhrn / Le Ciment Romain: Memorandum Consultatif. – Vol. 5 of a series EU-project ROCEM - Roman Cement to restore Built Heritage Effectively, Bradford-Cracow-Litomysl-Vienna, 2006
Weber, J., Mayr, N., Mucha, D., Kozlowski, R.:
Romanzemente des 19. Jh.: Phasenanalytik und Mörtelpetrographie im Rahmen eines EU-Projektes, DMG 2004 Tagung, Karlsruhe 19.-22. September 2004, - in: Ber. Dt. Mineralog. Ges., Beih. z. Eur. J. Mineral. Vol. 16 (2004), No. 1, p 155, 2004

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Natural Cement and Cementitious Building Materials in the Early 20th Century – Wien/Vienna July-4-2016

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