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UPFR - University Pardubice, Faculty of Art Restoration, Litomyšl (Czech Republic)

The Faculty of Art Restoration in Litomyšl as a part of the University Pardubice and one of the six Faculties was established in 2005 in continuation of the Institute of Restoration and Conservation Techniques which had been formed in Litomyšl in 1993.
The structure of the Faculty is as follows:
• Studio of Restoration of Wall Painting and Sgraffito
• Studio of Restoration of Stone and Related Materials
• Studio of Restoration of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents
• Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Artworks on Paper and Related Materials
• Department of Chemistry and Technology of Restoration
• Department of Humanities
The course scheme at UPFR is aimed at training in the above areas using up-to-date knowledge and methods as well as specific theoretical knowledge. The programme provides its graduates with a thorough understanding of science and art history, a practical experience of materials, techniques and technology of restoration in pertinent subjects with the awareness of the inter-disciplinary context. The preparation of complete restoration concepts, including documentation, diagnosis, art historical evaluation and the restoration itself is a focal point in teaching and research.
UPFR performed investigation and restoration of different monuments and historical facades and participated also in national and international research projects, such as in frame of a Raphael-project (Barcelona, 1997-98), a German-Czech bilateral project (Moravská Třebová, 1997-98), a conservation project of UNESCO / ICCROM (Probota, Romania, 1997-98), and to 5th FP EU-projects (NAMO – “Nabatean Mortars – Technology and Application“, 2003-05 and ROCEM – „Roman Cement to Restore Built Heritage Effectively“, 2003-06).
In course of the latter project activities, UPFR has achieved ample knowledge of historic Roman cements from scientific, technical and historic points of view.

Short profile of the principal investigator of UPFR in the project

Dipl.-Ing. Karol BAYER
Univerzita Pardubice
Fakulta Restaurování
Jiráskova 3
570 01 Litomyšl
Tel: +420 466 036 591
Fax. +420 461 612 565
e-mail: karol.bayer@upce.cz

MSc. Karol Bayer, Head of the Faculty of Restoration (UPFR) at University of Pardubice, has received his degree in Chemistry in Conservation and is a leading expert in conservation sciences, namely related to stone and materials of architecture. He has been fully involved in the ROCEM-project as the head of the Czech group of participants, focussing on issues of material-science and application-technology. His experiences associated to the planned activities are based on research, academic training, participation in national and international projects in the field of conservation and restoration focused on stone, mural paintings and architecture.

Univerzita Pardubice
Fakulta Restaurování
Jiráskova 3
570 01 Litomyšl
tel: +420 466 036 594
tel./fax +420 461 612 565
e-mail: blanka.kolinkeova@upce.cz

Blanka Kolinkeová, assistant at the Department of Chemical Technology at UPFR, has received her degree in Chemical Technology in Conservation at ICT in Prague. She has been studying at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece for one year and finished her diploma thesis focused on the hydrophobic treatment of the stone surfaces there.

Role in the Project

The principal role of UPFR within ROCARE is to contribute to laboratory and on-site test applications of Roman cement mortars within WP2; to perform measurements of mortar properties related to water transport phenomena (absorptivity, vapour diffusion); to organise and perform on-site trials in WP2 and WP3; to organise the End-user Advisory Panel – EAP in CZ; to contribute to the Manual on best practice in the application of Roman cements; to organise workshops in CZ; in general, to organise all measures of dissemination of the Roman cement technology in CZ.


The ROCARE Manual with Glossary and Standard: Take a look by activating the field on the left side! (Presently avaialble in English and Hungarian)!
Natural Cement and Cementitious Building Materials in the Early 20th Century – Wien/Vienna July-4-2016

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