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TPA - Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung und Innovation GmbH (Company for Quality Auditing and Innovative Solutions, Ltd), Vienna, (Austria)

TPA is a centre of competence for quality assurance/consulting and R&D in the field of construction. They are running a certified laboratory providing quality assurance, failure diagnosis and consulting services to road and building construction.
TPA has the following departments: Asphalt – Bituminous Binders – Stone – Cement Concrete –Environmental Technologies – Raw Material Supply – Quality Management – Safety at Work.
TPA has a laboratory accreditation for EN 45001 and is equipped with a wide range of laboratory facilities to test soil, concrete and stone materials with different methods according to ASTM, DIN, EN, OeNORM, providing all kinds of mechanical strength tests, dilation measurements, durability test devices including a large climatic room for frost-thaw cycles, as well as various analytical instruments such as RFA and XRD. TPA is also performing service in exploration of gravel and ground water by geoelectrical sounding

Short profile of the principal investigator of TPA in the project

Mag. Walter STRASSER
Gesellschaft fuer Qualitaetssicherung und Innovation/Rohstoffsicherung
Polgarstrasse 30
1220 Wien
Phone +43-1-21728-111
Fax: +43-1-21728-112

Mag. Walter Strasser, operational manager at TPA, has received an engineering degree in silicate technology and later on a university master degree in petrology. He is member of various professional panels such as the Austrian committee for standardisation (member of the groups of Soil mechanics, Natural stone, and Road- and Airfield construction), and the Austrian research company for road traffic and road (working group: Stone material), University lecturer at Vienna University and at the German-Austrian-Swiss Association for Natural Stone. Mag. Strasser holds a license as consulting engineer for geotechnical engineering. His project experience within TPA include assessment of landfill sites and gravel and quarry areas in Austria, Russia, Germany, Czech Rep., Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Oman, VAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenia, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Role in the Project

The principal role of TPA within ROCARE is to provide various laboratory facilities to control quality of Roman cements produced by partner 14, to perform tests of mortar properties within the activities of WP 2, particularly related to freeze-thaw durability, and to contribute to the Manual on best practice in the application of Roman cements. Further on, through their multiple contacts to construction firms in Europe and through the activity of their managers in various technical panels, TPA will be an important strategic partner to disseminate Roman cements on the market and to find additional fields of application.


The ROCARE Manual with Glossary and Standard: Take a look by activating the field on the left side! (Presently avaialble in English and Hungarian)!
Natural Cement and Cementitious Building Materials in the Early 20th Century – Wien/Vienna July-4-2016

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